The game is good no doubt, different in a weird way, but good.

User Rating: 7.5 | Blitz: The League II X360
Here's the thing, I love the game for the ruthless football action, but I just hated it when the computer would somehow come back after I was winning by 21 points during story mode. Random fumbles and interceptions will happen when you play story mode and you back the CPU into a corner, it will read your play and pick the right defense to stop you for sure. This reminds me of that annoying "rubber band AI" that blitz would be criticized of having in the past, although they do say they have not added it to the Blitz The League series, it's obvious that something is there to aid the computer when it's pushed around. Despite the terrible handicap they give to the CPU, it's fun and enjoyable when you're playing against your friends and the bone crushing tackles are great. If you see the game and you're planning to play the story only, don't buy it...If you see the game and you're planning to have fun with friends, go for it.