Oh, when I mean "underappreciated", I mean it. Screw Madden! Blitz the League II is here to stay!

User Rating: 9.5 | Blitz: The League II X360
Blitz the League II is a game that makes the defense FUNNER than offense. Crazy right? And defense SHOULD be be better than offense. Right? And when do other football games let you smear that little fast dirty rat runningback (Devin Hester), then rip his helmet off, and do a button press beating the living crap out of him until your screen is covered in his blood? Anyone? This is one of the standouts of Blitz the League II. It gets alot of things right about football. It gets that savage ferouciousness of tearing through that line of scrimmage and fracturing his spine! Or just tackling him. Obviously since those corpoorate chumps at EA took the rights to NFL teams. No Colts. No Chargers. No no anybody. But Blitz does a pretty good job of keeping it's teams realistic. Through the campaign, which IS a story mode, you will learn all about these teams like you read in a book. Blitz does a wonderful job of telling you a story. During gameplay you get something called clash, where you hold LT then tackle someone and a gory, bloody, and dirsturbing mini game pops up where you select an area of his body, tap A and counting on how fast you tapped A, a cutscene pops up showing his insides breaking, bursting, twisting, rupturing... oh sorry, I could go on all day. The multiplayer, well, even though I've spent 2 days in the lobby, I've only found 2 matches, but then it crashed both times. I wonder why no one plays this game? COULD IT BE FROM THE A- HOLES AT GAMESPOT? Probably. Yes sadly it will be extremely hard to find a match online. But if you have real life friends Blitz will supurbly entertain them too with fun bonus modes. Blitz is hilarious with lots of famous voice actors, well only 3. And ones a comedian. The other is a NFL star, and the other you probably never heard of.

Gamplay:9.9 Cause of the funky movement.
Online:9.0 I'm guessing.