A very disappointing game.

User Rating: 3 | Blitz: The League II PS3
This game is very disappointing, the A.I. is ridiculous most of the turnovers from the machine come after a "fail" of one of the players, the updates for your team are almost imperceptible, your players keep doing the same mistakes during the campaign, if you think they get stronger of faster the players from other teams get much stronger and faster. And your QB gets a lot of interceptions during the games something that makes you lose lots of money. The design of your uniform, the election of the logo for your team and colours are very limited. You don't have control over the weather, for example: when you play in Milwaukee the snow is so thick your eyes hurt and your players fall all the time. Not to mention that Milwaukee starts to play well when you're winning with a lot of points in your score. This is another example of "problems" with the A.I. in the game. And the playing system of campaign with three Divisions, instead of doing a league with all the teams is incomprehensible. A good example is the game you play in the playground of a jail after winning Division 1 championship. My recommendation is to avoid this game.