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User Rating: 7.5 | Blitz: The League II PS3
Blitz The League 2 is a decent alternative to the usual sports game. Being a arcade football game, it incorporates fun gameplay with surprising and unbelievable features. I don't see this game as fantastic game but for less than 15$ its a good way to kill time by yourself or with a friend. Blitz has a career/campaign driven by a story. You play "Franchise" a extremely well known and great football player. Throughout the campaign you go through many experiences from allegedly taking steroids to going to prison. The campaign has its set of cutscenes and along with training and managing players.

+funny, commentary by Frank Caliendo
+very brutal, injuries are graphic
+easy to play
+campaign is somewhat engaging

- poor graphics, does not look like a next gen game
- lack of rules or penalties, can be very cheap at times
-almost no one plays online