Genuinely fun, fair, charming, cute and gruesome all at the same time. Don't miss out on this one.

User Rating: 9.5 | Bleed X360
Bleed is an indie sidescrolling 2D-shooter game developed by the one man developing gaming company Bootsdisk Revolution. You play as Wyrn, a cute, purple haired chick that longs for the title of best hero of all time. To obtain this title, she ventures off on a journey to kill every renowned hero, that all are either retired or just plain old.

Only seldom to indie games show such a level of polish as Bleed presents. The game is fast paced, packed with action that is simply jaw-droppingly fun. Now, you wont understand this from looking at screenshots. The game enables you to instantly activate what the game calls "energy bar". By holding down one button the once fast-paced action packed shooter turns into...

an action packed blockbuster MOVIE-scene!

It is immense fun trying out all different kinds of manouvers that you can pull off thanks to the unique controls and triple jump ability.

The game is played level-based, and all levels end with their own boss, which is the hero from your KILL LIST, you are destined to hunt down.
The games Art design is marvellous, and you couldn't ask for more polish and perfection in the design department. The soundtrack featuring your familiar 8-bit saw synths and incredibly catchy tunes is absolutely staggering. I personally have asked the developer for a soundtrack release, just because I love the music THAT much. You will enjoy this game.

This is one thing I can guarantee. Although the game is rather difficult, it is 100% fair. The controls are so perfect and polished, that, when you do fall to your doom, there are no excuses you can give the game.
At all times, you can be in control. When you get hit, it was you not paying attention to the action on the screen, or misusing your energy bar to slow down the action.

In conclusion, Bleed is an outstanding game that you can appreciate for its level of perfection and for the passionately developed presentation. Basically, and without losing professionalism in my review, anyone who likes FUN, should own this game. For such a price tag, there is no excuse to avoid this masterpiece. Buy it, and ask for more.

I give this game a 9.5/10.