Yes! The next fighting game for the DS should follow this game as an example.

User Rating: 9 | Bleach DS: Souten ni Kakeru Unmei DS
Gameplay, 9/10
Graphic, 9/10
Control, 8/10
Sound, 9/10
This game has a good introduction, but if you get into it, it becomes fun. Beefore I go on, I am a fan of side-scrolling-fighting-games, ok there you have it! Now, I don't like the anime, so I think anyone that hasn't watched the show will find this game great. The graphics are great. The control can be learned with practice. The audio Is great. This game is great all over great-land. Touch screen are used in this game too. This game has wifi, so that's awsome, well not that awesome. You can battle online, that's cool, it's like battling a stranger in an arcade, but the battle can get messed up with lag, and/or if both of you start firing with spirit card, and that's just it. The hard part I found was unlocking all the character. Well that's it for my review, if you are a fan of side scroll fighting games, then try this game out.