Great game, funny and hard core. Just what every one wants! :)

User Rating: 9 | Bleach DS 2nd: Kokui Hirameku Requiem DS
Bleach could be one of the best fighting games on the ds. Ichigo's back in the soul society and is doing what he does best, kicking butt! :D
All with his friends he's returned to see Rukia, who has seemed to have go missing... with choice of where to go and who to see you can make story mode your own stroy and when you complete stroy mode, you can use free mode and choose which characters you want to fight as (cool huh!?)
Whats sooo good about this game is you can make it your own. You can use the simple controls to do special moves (touch screen) or you can have fun by trying to do the moves your self (control pad). There are many modes as well as story mode, theres arcade, survival, time attack, versus and training mode (so your never stuck for choice) You can also have a tag team for any of these (apart from training mode). Your never spoilt for choice on characters either.

This game has it all! Definetly a game for figthing fans. The musics fab too!

Bleach rocks!