The follow up to Blade of Fate is a great addition but fans of the first game will know theres something missing here...

User Rating: 8 | Bleach DS 2nd: Kokui Hirameku Requiem DS
Bleach: Dark Souls is the follow up of the amazing Blade of Fate game, this one features the exact same game system of the first one with no new additions and a few modes missing, Like the Challenge mode which i loved on the first one.

In terms of innovation theres not much to say about other than the revamping of the Story mode which is now much more fun and interactive. there are also a few new unlockable character and the total rescripting of Kun, who now resembles Ryu or Ken from SF as a way of parodying them, this is a resource that has been used by a lot of games by now but its still fun to see him in action.

The Arcade mode now features a new Team Vs mode where u can play a 2v2 match by picking a companion and battling another 2 cpu chars, the Hard difficulty in this mode is really frustrating since your companion is just as smart as a rock and the CPU while having infinite counter moves will use them all the time, if the cpu manages to block an attack be affraid, be very affraid because its a 95% chance they will quickly reappear behind u with an attack near to impossible to block or counterattack on time, so basically every attack attempt is a potential prayer of disaster.

Dark souls is still as fun as the first one, but honestly i was expecting more, I still recomend it, but its no where near as great as the Blade of Fate.