never gets old

User Rating: 10 | Bleach DS 2nd: Kokui Hirameku Requiem DS
let me tell you about this of the best anime + best the portable game system equals a HIT!! i have it in English and Japanese and it never gets old if you have friends with this game,you'll play 10 years after it came out!!

the story is good and mixes with a filler arc that is time consuming and you get better at it by playing this mode,and you'll feel like you're watching the show its self cuz its funny and the music is also a plus

i like playing wi-fi because u can find a match anytime u want,it has 40 something people to play as with like 30 places to me exellent choices in the character department.this game will really help out the bleach franchise in the future cuz even though the 3rd phantom sucks alot i bet alotta people bought it cuz they played this one and thought it'd be good am i right if you like bleach or need a good portable fighter pick this one up