This was surprisingly funny as hell and entertaining.

User Rating: 5 | Blazing Dragons PS
You know, truthfully this game was giver to me because the person thought it was pure crap..but then i gave it a chance..and with the humor into it, it was actually quite funny. The only down side was that i passed the game so quickly that it felt as if i hadn't played it at all. But for the fan that like Ponty Python and need to give it a chance for a quick laughing session. I suppose one of my favorite characters is the villain just because he is such a dimwit. Again, the graphics are purely 2D and the gameplay is as boring as cold fish...but then again i don't think this game was supposed to be engaging like that. It's purely strategy and puzzle based so yeah..if you are dumb at puzzles (like my friend) then you will not get anywhere.