Although it doesn't pull through all the way, the controls do seem to work well for the game.

User Rating: 7 | Blazing Angels: Squadrons of WWII WII
Blazing Angels reminds me of Spider Man 3 for the DS. They took a well worn genre of gaming, and used the new systems capabilities to bring it above the norm. The Wii version of Blazing Angels takes a stab at that, and while not being totally revolutionary, is still fun to play.
The concept is simple: play through battles of WWII as a squadron of American fighters. Simple, but fun. The graphics are not as smooth as they could be, but that's not the star of the show here. Not that they don't affect the overall fun of the game, but the controls seem to work well anyways.
Voice acting for the game doesn't seem all too good, sounding like the drone of a deadpan character in Airplane!. Problem is, the situation doesn't leave room for jokes, so this tends to muddle down gameplay as well.
Fortunately, the gaming style is addictive and fun, pulling off stunts and simply gliding through the air sometimes. The problem? The missions call for more precise controls than this gives. Sure, you will be able to beat em, but it'll take you a few tries on some. The experience is perfect in multiplayer, which is fun and lengthy, with a variety of different missions to complete.
The placing of you and your (sometime) opponent on even ground, or just the intelligence behind your backup, makes the levels a bit more laid back, letting the "fun" side of the game kick in full force.
Blazing Angels may not totally work the way it planned out, but the feeling of flight you get from playing may take your mind off of the frustration or monotony you feel.