You shoot down planes in historic places. what could be more fun!

User Rating: 8.5 | Blazing Angels: Squadrons of WWII WII
It was a very good game. You bomb, torpedo, shoot, sink, blowup, and all around destroy enemy's in a WWII plane. It is just about as fun as you get. It can be a fun time. It has a well written story. That more or less makes it better than most of the other games you play. You and your squad take fights in historic battles. the controls are accurate. Also they can be changed. The graphics are very good. I just loved the game. I probably still need some room. so uh um er hm ohh neh uh. oh nope. ug Well I can not think about too much at this time. so... hi. please join all out Nintendo union. uh. I really have nothing to say if you are slow to the up take. Cake is a lie. ok that was random. and the wrong game. although that would be fun for the wii. Okay still need room. This would make a cool sequeal. maybe take place in Vietnam. that would be interesting. well lets see. Yes. enough