Blazing Angels - Good at first

User Rating: 7.5 | Blazing Angels: Squadrons of WWII WII
This game is good and immerse at first, but, as you continue to play, it just gets sort of....stagnant. The missions just get longer and stay equally difficult. There are far too many assists. You get damaged - assist for that. Need to attack? Assist for that. Need cover? Assist for that! That said, however, as time goes on, assists become less and less readily available. Graphics are good, but the fact that the game is easy sort of takes away from the feeling of being in an airplane in a WWII fight. That's the point of the game! It's like driving a super car -- you don't want any assists on, you just want to feel the raw power of the car! It's like adding unnecessary gadgets to a pure driving car -- takes away from the experience and ruins the power! However, at a low price it may be worthwhile. Overall, the game is a simple one to complete and nothing to get all hyped up about.