A game that take you back to WWII

User Rating: 8 | Blazing Angels: Squadrons of WWII X360
Blazing angels: squadrons of WWII, is a fantastic flight game for the xbox 360.

The game starts off when you are moved to an English air base, you are a Yankee that has joined another 3 Yankees pilots Joe, Frank and
Tom, to fight for British air force. You trained and then you are move from Britain to America to Germany and even Paris. At the end there is unsuspected surprise with what planes you see the German Luftwaffe is flying.

The game has 42 real WWII planes and 18 missions. Some of the most famous battles like The Battle of Britain, Pearl Harbor and many more. The game can played online against 16 other players. There also a split screen option where you can duel and do campaign. The single player mode has arcade, ace duel and mini-campaign.

The downside about this game is that the missions are to short, there is not a lot of missions, dogfights are to easy and the game will get boring once you finish it. The upsides to this game is that all 3 of the cheats available work, career easy enough to finish and the planes are all awsome.

Overall the game is worth buying but I would suggest you hire before hand to see how you like the game.

Peace out =)