Highly technical fighting game. There are actually lots of things to consider.

User Rating: 9 | BlazBlue: Continuum Shift II PSP
One session of BlazBlue's tutorial mode shows that there's more to it than meets the eye. Every thing you'll see during a fight(life gauge, heat gauge, etc.) is more than just a simple indicator of your current fighting condition. It's hard to put it on pape...uhhh...in text but BlazBlue: CS2 deviates away from the generic life and power/special gauge kind of gameplay.

I didn't mean to be technical but that's how BlazBlue is. Complicated. There's more to it than meets the eye.

BlazBlue is heavily themed on anime. So you've got a hot-blooded guy, an obsessed bishounen, and your traditional pushover girl with hidden powers. That's just for starters. As for the story, I never played previous BB games before so it's like watching an anime series on its 3rd season without watching the previous ones. But as I delve more into the story it'll all becomes clear. Well, it's still complicated but at least I get the general concept. As I said it's anime, so expect what you'd find on an anime..blah..blah..blah..

As for the gameplay, it plays just like what you'd expect from a 2d fighting game. D-pad sliding, 3 button presses at the same time, etc. But each character have moves that are unusual or unorthodox. It's hard to show the general feel of the game so I'll just put on some examples. Ragna, Noel, and Makoto are easy to use with their simple commands. Jin is good at any range but requires perfect timing and distance. Then there's Carl, hard to control him and his puppet sister simultaneously but once you do it's possible to chain combos(it's so hard to pull off). You can even use his sister as his shield. There's Bang, a ninja with a different heat gauge( I have yet to find out what those numbers and japanese letter usage are). Some characters like Hazama can't dash but generally makes it up with his weapon to get close to his opponents(much like Scorpion from Mortal Kombat) but in any angle.

In a fighting game, spacing/distance is so important that it'll dictate if moves will hit or not. And BB takes it up a notch with a list of characters that moves so differently. Basically, it is all about hitting your opponents but sometimes I get the feeling that I could use the environment/distance to my advantage by setting up traps or feinting attacks.

But no matter how much technicality you put in a fighting game, it's still a fighting game, right? That's exactly is BlazBlue. It allows players to just button smash but for someone who wants something more than that CS2 can offer. As the saying says "Easy to learn. Hard to Master." Something like that, meow. : }

There's two flaw I found annoying though. It's the closeness of the d-pad and the analog stick. CS2 is heavy on commands that recquires insane sliding of the d-pad that it's sometimes hard not to touch the analog stick. And if you got a big thumb then good luck. Although, it is remedied by having the option to choose a simplified command scheme. So no need to worry about performing complicated moves. It's not as fluid as the first scheme but each has its own pros and cons. The second flaw is not to be able to use the analog stick for movements.

I gave this 9.0 instead 0f 8.5 because of the small things. Like, when Jin and Noel duke it out. Instead of just producing screams, battle cries, and grunts each character has actually has to say about the opponent while fighting. Sounds idiotic but that charmed me. Now, time to go and be the best vigilante ever, meow!!!!