Blast Chamber Cheats For PlayStation

  1. Level Passwords

    Effect Effect
    MAGDIEAH Backstab
    MJKKAMKC Fugitive
    NINKPDME Full N Arch
    ICJPABNA Lavapalooza
    JODPIGEH Rainbow
    NAEMMAAB Ziggurat

    Contributed by: ATadeo 

  2. Cheats

    Enter These Code In Main Menu, Affects Only Solo Survivor (Using Cheats You Are Unable Allowed Get Passwords and Ending When Enabled)

    Effect Effect
    Square, Left, Square, Right, Circle, Down, Circle, Up. Infinite Lives
    Left, Right, Up, Down, Square (x4) Infinite Time

    Contributed by: KasketDarkfyre, RaumeRVZ 

Blast Chamber Cheats For Saturn

  1. Level Passwords

    Effect Effect
    CGDBNIAG Backstab
    Plasm Chasm BENBANAH
    BENBANAH Plasm Chasm
    NMIIIEAF Ziggurat

    Contributed by: Justoid27 

  2. Infinite Lives

    At the menu screen, press the following:

    Effect Effect
    Left, X, Right, X, Down, Y, Up, Y Infinite Lives

    Contributed by: Arguro