Pure frustration

User Rating: 2 | Blasphemous PS4

Yes i know, when it comes to art style, combat and music this game is not a 2. I'm talking about the whole experience of playing the game. I have played many hard games. Finished all From Software games, so i'm used to a challenge and games that can be frustrating but this game..... is a whole different level. I don't say it a lot but i HATE this game. You spend so many hours just running around trying to find a way to continue. This would not be a problem if exploring wasn't such a pain in the ass. This gets worsened by the very limited fast traveling system. So ridiculous.... There is a part in the game where you can only progress in the main story line by finding an illusionary wall. So you can imagine how much running around it took me before I figured it out by accident. In hollow knight for example you can finish the game while almost only focusing on the combat, exploring and without paying much attention to the story. Not the case with this game.

I can't recommend this game. For me it was one big frustrating mess. No positief moments at all in this game. Stay away from it.