A good game marred by technical issues

User Rating: 6 | Blair Witch XONE

I know. The last thing anyone expected in 2019 was a game based on a film franchise that should have died years ago. Yet despite its namesake, This game actually delivers a somewhat quality product.

The atmosphere for this game is spot on. It is genuinely suspenseful at times and it can very much keep you on edge because you don't know what is around the corner. The environment looks fantastic too although it is marred with numerous framerate drops and glitches, especially later on in the game. It's really the only weak part of this game that hopefully will be addressed with later on with the help of patching.

The story is pretty decent as well. You can easily sympathize with your character and his dog, which is a rarity because I think a lot of games suffer from a disconnect between players and the characters they play as. I think they do enough with the film's lore to stay within the realm of the franchise while also being its own original thing. I just don't think they really explain enough throughout the course of the game though and it definitely left me feeling a little unsatisfied by the time I finished it.

The gameplay is kind of similar to how Outlast was. You primarily walk around, through the first-person point of view of course, with your flashlight or your camera (which has night vision) out and ready to go. The flashlight can do damage to various monsters you encounter throughout the game. The night vision of the camera helps you avoid them instead of fighting them. It's kind of simple but I have no objections to it. Your dog, who is your companion throughout the game, can also be issued commands such as seeking items and things of that nature. Honestly, It's not really needed because the dog doesn't really make that much of a difference in the game other than providing emotional support for your character. So they really could have just removed that aspect of it and things would have been very much the same.

Now as much as I don't want to. I have to get to some rather negative aspects of this game that really dropped my review score. I brought up the glitches and framerate drops earlier. There are also issues with freezing and it's hard to walk through doors (often times I had to crouch and then stand up to get through). I know it's minor stuff but it all adds up as it becomes more and more noticeable as you near the end of the game.

Overall: 6/10
It's not the most technically sound game but Blair Witch is satisfying enough to play. I enjoyed it and certainly would recommend it. I just hope patches come out soon rather than later to address these issues.