Neeeeeed help!

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I'm playing blades of time for the 360 and I'm stuck in the portal room of the temple where you have to use your Order Sphere to get two orbs to the portal (one on the right and one on the left) in order to open it. I get the orb to a certain point then all it does is go backward and not forward. I've been trying this a number of times for days now and the same thing keeps happening. I was really enjoying the game up until this point, I'd like to finish it but I'm getting tired of getting extremely agitated every time I try to play this part.
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oh late reply is late lol

you finished it yet?

yeah that part is a pain, I kept using "dashing" to move between portals, and you have to be facing the next portal when you cast your "order sphere".

when you get to the final one, the annoying little "dinosaurs" will appear, I don't remmeber well but I think you have to take them out quickly before you get to proceed.


thought that part was easy compared to the one in Sky Islands XD mroe portals and I am still not sure how I solved it lol


there are some frustrating parts in this game, but I love it! And in the final level you get something pretty cool! it will make you forget all the frustration hahaha