BOD + Oscuro's Mod = GOAT!

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#1 argyleronin
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Dizaaaaamn, my PC has about as much processing power as a toaster. BOD is the most technically advanced game it can handle, and I could not be more impressed! This has, without a doubt, the best melee combat system I have ever come across, aside from maybe the Gothic series or Risen. The graphics lack a high polygon count given that the game was released in 2001, yet the lighting system definitely holds up well to today's standards. The pre-Havok physics engine is also very advanced for a game of this time period. Swords slash through enemy NPC's like hot knives through a stick of butter, sometimes sending stray limbs flying through the air like phantom boomerangs. Limb loss, headless spinning cadavers, and neck stumps that gush like a garden hose are the norm, not the exception. Rudimentary enemy AI is pleasantly retarded, making for some incredibly hilarious moments. They all seem to suffer from "stiff neck" syndrome, in that they slowly twirl around in a circular motion when taken from behind, instead of being more nimble on their feet. I've gone through white-knuckle battles where I've been zerged from all sides, taunted by idiot Orcs who go down with the simplest of combos, and been 1-shot killed by the occasional arrow from the cleverly hidden archer. In its vanilla state, I find the game too easy. To amend this problem, I installed Oscuro's BOD Mod (of TES fame), and find BOD slightly more challenging. Still, the game is wildly unbalanced and rough around the edges. Like a Z-grade horror movie that was released straight to the bargain bin. Forget about a plot, because you will not find it here (read a book if that's what you're after). Voice-acting? Cringe worthy. The gameplay however, is so much fun that it negates this title's litany of other flaws. I read in another review that each enemy encounter is more like a Mortal Kombat mini-game, and I couldn't agree more! Others claim to use tactics; I prefer to rush mobs and go all-out button mashing. Is it my adolescent urge to re-enact Arnold's titular character in the Conan series? Probably. BOD combines hackneyed fantasy tripes and cardboard characters with balls-to-the wall medieval combat to give this game incredibility high re-playability. Core gameplay mechanics are in the limelight for once, something of a rarity in today's AAA titles. It's a crying shame that Rebel Act Studios folded shortly after BOD's release. The only other PC game of this type that draws even remote comparison is Arx Fatalis, though more for its quirky homegrown feel, than engaging melee battles. New school Skyrim dorks need not apply; this is an off-the-wall niche slasher that will only appeal to those with the patience to give it the chance it finally deserves.