This game is amazingly underrated. True, it's not the best game in the world, but it is a nice change of pace.

User Rating: 8.5 | Blade Kitten X360
Blade kitten is a fun, interesting, and well-made 2-D sidescroller. However, all of the reviewers give this game a bad name. I believe they are just too accustomed to First-person shooters to enjoy a fun, little game like blade kitten. It is a nice change of pace from serious competitive FPS'es (which are all fun too) to a laid back game like Blade kitten, where the player can just sit down and play without worrying about their KD, or levels, its just simple, and a rather fun. One of the main points of criticism that this game gets, is that it is simply a button masher. Well, while at times, the game can become a button masher when things get kind of hectic, but I don't see many side-scrollers that don't suffer from the same problem. Besides, Super mario Smash bro.s is the biggest button masher I have ever seen in my life, and it is very popular. The graphics of the game, aren't really good, but attractive with the anime-inspired art, I found that the style of graphics complimented the game very well. The story line is a little vague, as Blade kitten was based off of a comic series, and the game itself spends no time explaining what is going on to you. But this is everything you will need to know, you play as Kit ballard. She is a cross breed between cats and people known as a "felion." Her home world was destroyed by some alien race, who's name I forget. Through the years, Kit had become well known for one of the best breakers (bounty hunters) in the galaxy. That is about it. But once you understand what is going on the story line, it turns out pretty well. The ending was rather good, and set you up for a squeal. I also enjoyed the character of kit ballard. The humorous, adolescent attitude of her character helped keep the game interesting. The gameplay itself is good, but could use some tweaking. The first group of enemies you fight are a mercenary police force. There are some different classes of them, most with standard rifles, some with electric bolt things, ect. Enemies like this were fun to fight, and it felt nice dodging around, avoiding bullets. It was also good for a laugh when you hear them say things like, "code:oscar momma weiner!" Although sometimes, when the numbers of enemies increase, and the battles become more hectic, it does become a bit of a button masher. To avoid the gameplay getting stale, a large amount of gameplay is in trying to find treasure, and other hidden objects. Depending on whether you speed right through, or look for treasure could easily double the play time of the story. Every now and then, you also get a chance to ride this mount through levels, and it is a fun little sequence that provides some fun moments. So, down to the bottom line, Blade kitten is an underrated game that should not be taken too seriously when playing it. It's humorous, and fun, and a nice change of pace. It is definitely worth the money to but this game, as it is only 10-15 dollars, and you could sink some good time on it, depending on your lust for treasure. I would probably recommend this to anyone who doesn't take games too seriously.