The uninteresting storyline, game design issues and the lack of difficulty buries the game's potential.

User Rating: 5.5 | Blade Kitten PS3
When a comic series becomes successful enough, it's mandatory that the franchise quickly embraces other mediums. Blade Kitten a supposably popular web comic now receives its own video game. This downloadable only game is available on PC, the Playstation 3 and the Xbox 360.

In Blade Kitten you will control Kit Ballad who is a half human, half feline bounty hunter that wishes to claim the bounty of a trouble maker known as Terra-Li. The story is told in a straight forward manner with high quality in-game engine cut-scenes. Kit Ballad is a quirky character that is very lovable. Sadly the shallow storyline and bad writing doesn't do the character much justice. The game itself is a two dimensional side scrolling action game with 3D visuals. Graphically Blade Kitten is very impressive for a downloadable game and there is a high degree of detail present. All the backgrounds in this game have an amazing level of depth and the anime style graphics give Blade Kitten a lot of its charm. The game is made up of 13 separate stages and each oe is massive in size. Kit is able to jump, run fast, climb any wall and also cling to ceilings. But make sure you keep track of your stamina, because some of your actions are governor by it. Fortunately both stamina and health will regenerate over time. There are many opportunities for you to eplore each stage using Kit's abilities and search for a large number of hidden collectibles. Any money that you find or get for locating collectibles can be spent on new upgrades, blades and costumes for Kit.

Unfortunately finding collectibles is the only part of this game that is consistently rewarding. The combat has been kept simple and the number of attacks you can do with your blade isn't large enough to keep the combat interesting. In fact many enemy encounters can be ended with mindless button mashing. There is a very limited variation in enemies and the rare boss battles will only demand a small amount of gray matter. At times Blade Kitten can become extremely boring and repetitive, since the majority of the game has a complete absence of any difficulty what so ever. You can easily plough through many large portions of the game without dying once. Some moments in the game have platforming that will require a lot of interpretation. Unfortunately most of the platforming in this game
just too simple and basic in design to offer the player any sort of a challenge. But if you don't become bored of the game and keep playing till the end credits. You will spend a good five hours of your time finishing the game, which is very impressive for a low price downloadable game.

Blade Kitten could've been something special. However the uninteresting storyline, game design issues and the lack of difficulty buries the game's potential. There is no denying there are many things in Blade Kitten will pluck the right strings and many gamers will definitely develop a soft stop for the game. But many will be unable to take in the flaws of the game that are almost equal in number to the positives. Try before you buy would be the best option for those who wish to jump into the shoes of Kit Ballad.

RATING - 5.5/10

+ Eye catching and technically impressive anime style graphics.
+ Kit Ballad is charming and lovable character.
+ Massive levels with lots of hidden collectibles to find.
+ Five hours of game play for less than $20.
- Bad storytelling and uninteresting dialogue.
- Boring and repetitive platforming action.
- Majority of the game isn't challenging.
- Combat is simple and not very compelling.