Really don't understand the hate on this game. Soild action....

User Rating: 7 | Blade II PS2
Ok, I don't know why I'm reviewing this game 9 years on.... But I recently bought this game again, because all them years ago I remember it being a pretty solid game. So to go on Gamespot recently and see critics and gamers alike giving this game a pretty harsh 1 to 4 out of 10, I felt I needed to add my 2 cent into the mix.

Now don't get me wrong, their are alot of problems with the game. Especially story wise; namely the dinosaur you get chased by... And a host of other things that happen in the game that don't happen in any of the films.
There's also the pretty piss poor voice acting, predictable and linear level design, and the dodgy analouge combat system.

So, you have to ask yourself, why am I defending this game again? Well, because it isn't as bad as everyone makes it out to be.
The game overall is solid. The graphics look pretty good next to most PS2, XBOX games, and the game as a whole is pretty fun.

I remember the developers getting on there high horses on their 'original' combat system, which utilized the right analouge stick; Ironically this is the worst part of the gameplay. Tedious and can occasionally be unresponsive. There was only 4 moves Blade could use with it, and it can be easily forgotten.
The gunplay however was fun. You could shoot or if you felt like it use the hand-to-hand and Blade would occasionally do a finisher type move. You could also do these moves without a gun, too. But as I say, the combat is very shallow, and you'll see what it has to offer in the first couple of levels.

Graphics: As I say, they look good. Not amazing, and they don't push any boundries, but they are the same as the rest of the game: solid. 6

Sound: Poor voice acting, but the musical score isn't too bad. 5

Gameplay: A couple of good features, letdown by linear level design and reptative gameplay. But overall it's strong enough for you to see it threw to the end. 6

Shi*e Box: Voice acting, dodgy hand-to-hand combat, NPC help is a pain in the ass.

Overall: I'm not going to say it's amazing, no. What I am going to say is alot of people are being overally harsh. There has been far worse movie tie-in games out there. I won't adovcate this game to anyone, but I'm writing this review on my behalf. :) It really isn't that bad.