blade 2 what could i say it was good but could of been even more its a ok game overall.

User Rating: 8.2 | Blade II XBOX
Graphics: no bad the only thing is why does blade look so messed up everything else looks pretty good but blade his face is not wisley snipes. the graphics are a solid 8-9. Gameplay: fun you kill everyone and you break you way into a strip club killing everyone that just don't die they do the special effect in blade were they burn up and die looks so kool. Overall its a good one time play through cuz theres not point going through it again it gets really hard after the first 5lvl so hard your gonna cheat the rest lets just say. Sound: nothing wrong the acting is good and BAD as in words hehehe, when you pull out your sword it goes BLADE BLADE BLADE and its just so much action after that overall good he solid 10. Value: no real value play it once i didn't notice any unlockables and theres nothing else in this game but a story so yea drop dead 7 in value.