You'll probably get your kicks well in the beginning, but it will just get quite repetitive later.

User Rating: 5.8 | Blade II PS2
Blade 2 is a game of the same name as its movie counterpart. Now, with movie based games, there has almost always been problems plaguing its ''fun factor''. Its not known if this is some curse on it, but let's get this out of the way, THEY ARE ALMOST NEVER FUN. Now Blade 2 follows a disembodied series of missions that start off a bit fun. You begin the game by learning the ropes in Whistlers Base, and after you get the feel for the controls, you complete it, and you get to start a mission. Afterwards, you acually get to choose weapons and equipment to put into your inventory to use in the mission, but you only start off with a Pistol and some extra ammo. As you complete missions, your score grows depending on how well you did. As your score grows, you get new stuff. Now, Blade's fighting controls are a bit clumsy, but enjoyable for a while. You push the right analog stick in different directions to punch, kick, back kick, and to combo moves. But as I said, the controls are a bit clumsy, so its a little shifty at times. One nifty added feature to this fighting system is the ability to do a special move on enemies after preforming a well enough combo. I find myself preforming them for some reason I don't about at times by just flailing around and punching the hell out of the enemies. They include some things like grabbing the enemy and stabbing them in the face, holding them in place while you fill them up with lead, or if you have a shotgun with you, you get to blow their head off, not bad.

The game has 3 sections full of missions, but it will get on your nerves after a while due to the repetititve controls and boring atmospheres. They are all structured in ways that seem fairly uninspired. Like for example, breaking 17 computers in a building, wow, I can barly surpress my excitement. They are not all like this however, you have some that seem okay, but i won't spoil anything. The game doesn't exactly do anything justice, graphic-wise. Blade looks like a fat action figure build character, while most of the enemies are not any better looking. The blood and gore is remenesant of Mortal Kombat blood and gore in terms of texture and look. That looks somewhat good. But then again, since when is it hard to make blood look good? While the graphics and environment are nothing special, you probably won't care while you shoot up and cut up hordes of enemies. The voice acting put in this game is the best part, but that isn't saying too much. They play their parts well, and they sound realistic. But at times it sounds a bit cheesy. The shooting and punching sound decent, and the screaming and moaning from your enemies sound like something from an old horror flick. Overall, the sound doesn't save the game that much, but it isn't bad. Overall, you probably will get your kicks in the beginning, but it will just get quite repetitive later. Review made by VerdugoRE4