Worst game I have ever played. period.

User Rating: 2.6 | Blade II XBOX
I had to play this game when I babysat a 6 year-old boy whose parents weren't responsible enough to look what game their child rented. The controls are AWFUL, AWFUL, AWFUL, AWFUL, AWFUL, AWFUL, AWFUL, AWFUL, AWFUL, AWFUL,! You control Blade from a third-person perspective, but the game controls are like in bad first-person games, only worse ; you rotate the view by pointing the left analog stick left or right, you run too quickly by pointing it forwards and you walk SLOWLY backwards by pointing it towards you. But even though it's terrible, this is the best part of the control scheme. The hand-to-hand combat scheme is even worse. You have to point the right analog stick in the direction of the enemy you want to fight. While this is a good idea, the way it is executed is just bad ; Blade will react one time out of five, and when he does, he'll kick nothing but air. There is another thing : the rage system. When you manage to kill some enemies, a red bar fills. When it's full enough, YOU HAVE ACCESS TO THE SWORD YOU'RE ALWAYS CARRYING! Really stupid. Personally if I had to fight vampires and if I had a sword in my possession, I wouldn't wait to become angry to use it.... The graphics are not so bad, but the REALLY CHOPPY FRAMERATE gets on my nerves. The voices are acceptable, but the music and sound effects suck. In one word : BOOOOOORIIIIIIIING!