I am pretty hard to dissappoint but come on!

User Rating: 1 | BlackSite: Area 51 PC
I have played almost every PC game out there and think even the worst games are worth playing through once. I have met my match with this game. I played it for about half an hour and couldn't take the constant glitches and pauses in the game. I figured a Core Duo 3.0 with a 640 mb GTS and 2 gigs of 1024 ram would be enough to play it with no problems. Not the case!

After the 30 minutes I gave up and unistalled the game. After having to jump in the air to reach floating ammo over and over I wondered if I was beta testing the game.

Overall they took a usually good combination (FPS & Area 51) and ruined it. Midway has gone a long way since the Mortal Kombat days; just too bad it was in the wrong direction. The only thing this game made me want to do is find the nearest movie theatre with the original Area 51 light gun arcade game and release my frustrations.

Please don't waste your time or money, it is not even worth a demo download!