fun to play

User Rating: 8 | Blacklight: Tango Down X360
this game is downloadble on xbox live i scored it when it was on special for about 400 points ,and i havent regretted it lots of fun to play,more mutilpayer but there is a mode called black ops were its mission based its hard,the multiplayer modes are fun team death match ,dommination ,last man standing or even last team standing is fun ,the gunplay is good so is response to the guns controls work well ,the grapics could of looked abit better but there ok ,that said now my only gripe with the game is that i cant seem to get a game lately not many people play it anymore which i dont see why as this game is fun and has lots of different mutiplayer mods and gun unlocks and armour unlocks aswell .well if you get it i hope you have luck in getting a game its a shame not many play this much as i really enjoyed it when i had a decent match with others .