it might be a run of the mill shooter but its alot of fun

User Rating: 8 | Blacklight: Retribution PC
ok i herd on gamespot about a few free game to play ,i checked out the game trailer for this and thought i would give it ago,after joining up and downloading the game and patches and updates which took awhile 2hrs atleast ,i was ready to play,it will show where you would like mainly only europe and american servers but i herd there might be an australian server soon which will be great ,for better connection and games .blacklight retribution is a first person shooter thats a free to play game on pc,which has team death match ,free for all and other multiplayer game types you have seen and played before ,the weapons are responsive and gunplay is fun .you can buy extra weapons and mods for your armour if you want ,but what i liked about this game is that you can trial and earn perks and mods for weapons and armour and gear ,which is cool ,but i felt that i didnt need to buy anything to have a decent game which was great ,as some matches i played some players had these massive robot armour of sorts which were hard to kill but we worked together to take them down easliy ,also the maps were cool some were on tall buildings and industrial facotories or the street of some new age city ,i really enjoyed this game and i was surprised on my connection in games even with basic weapons i did ok ,so if you want a fps multiplayer shooter that is free and fun to play and also nice to look at then i recommend this for you ive mentioned this game to a few of my cod mates and now there hooked,its not ground breaking but nothing is lately but it is alot of fun .so 8 out of 10 for me did i mention that it free :)