Adrenalinic FPS

User Rating: 9 | Blacklight: Retribution PC
HRV gives u the possibility to check for your enemies trough walls, so that camping is going to be a bad useless crap.
Totally custom weapons, gear, armors and camos.
Hard to play due to best players online, but once defeated you'll be able to troll'em with taunts to earn more game points.
Get in and get lost, by sniping, assaulting, dominating or try the Hardsuit, a special armor that gives u the chance to revolt your team result.
Ready for the onslaught mode, PvE that boosts up the high potential of this game.

Players can get up to 40 lvls, since now, earning GP to buy new and more powerful weapons; alternatively, u can buy weapons with real money, but trust me: it won't make u a better player.
Only the best wins, in this real free to play game.

In addition to that, u should create your own clan and challenge others on private servers...what's more to pretend?