the longer you play the better the items you can get or just buy them with money

User Rating: 9 | Blacklight: Retribution PC
its a good game worth playing its free so why? not good graphics sometimes you get spammers and campers but overall just run around and shoot people on the head those make a loud thunder sound and you get to see the cranium blow out with any weapon except melee weapons. great fun get to customize the gun in anyway you want the inventory and tactical gear vary so does the armor to fit any play style you choose from run and gun to heavy artillery a favorite being my signature quick scope sniper powerful yet easy to run around with a balanced suit for speed and protection the health ranges can vary from a 168 health to 250 health speed depending on the armor the tactical gear. the way the tactical gears change a play style depends on your tactical gear from cloaks to re-spawn beacons to heroine...uh health injectors among others if you happen to be bored and want to play a massive online first person shooter why not give it a try. Be warned though some of the items and cloaks can only be purchased with zen or money currency in game points will unlock everything else unless you are not within the level necessary to purchase it