Absolutely gives everything Free To Play gamers want.

User Rating: 9 | Blacklight: Retribution PC

Well... I'd never thought I'd see the day where a Free to play FPS game other than Team Fortress could be this good. I'm astounded. This game may have some minor Pay to Win aspects, but it's easy to overlook, this game is easy to get used to, fun to play, and beautiful to look at. Very unique, very solid, Cheers!

Overall: 9 - Absolutely gives everything Free To Play gamers want.

+ Great looking game, and a great feeling game

+ Pay to win is nearly non-existant, despite what SOME say.

+ So unique, Zombie put their effort into the sequel to Tango Down!

Graphics: 9

-It's not Crytek or Frostbite grade, but for a FTP game I was damn sure impressed, gritty, futuristic setting never looked better!

Gameplay: 10

-Smooth in every aspect, easy adaptable controls, and great convinient User Interface. This is an putstanding gameplay setting.

Music: 9

-Very original, it's hard to explain, but I suggest you listen, very good soundtrack!

Story: N/A

-There is a backstory that sets you into understanding the game, but it's not strong enough to rate.

Uniqueness: 9

-The beautiful detailed futuristic environment, the great solid gameplay, and the design and effort put into this game is outstanding, we've seen futures before, but this is one of the champs of immersion.