A Kick Ass Game

User Rating: 9.2 | Black PS2
Black is cool,but they are something's that are disturbing.

First:The game is very short it has 10 levels long,but the levels,even in Normal Mode,are so ******* dificult!!I never see that coming.

Second:There are kick ass guns in the game,but in some levels,you need to get some doors opened,which you need a shotgun or a grenade!!If you don't have those things,go find it,or unless you can't progess in the game!

Third:(This is the important one).Why the hell does the game,does have not bosses!Cmo'n!Every game,and i mean Every game,Should have a boss in the end of the levels!Or at least in the end of the game!

I'm not saing the game succks,in fact the game KICKS ASS!!