Black Stone: Magic & Steel Cheats For Xbox

  1. Hidden Character Class

    Enter the class selection screen, then quickly highlight the following classes in order and press R over each before proceeding to the next: Pirate, Thief, Warrior, Archer, Pirate, Warlock, Thief, Warlock, Thief.

    Contributed by: Dradeel 2 

  2. Hidden Characters

    To unlock the 2 hidden characters of each class, you must beat the following levels with an S rank.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Strive of The Phantom Archer 3
    The Den of Lizards Archer 4
    Curse of Vanity Pirate 3
    The Big Search Pirate 4
    Eternal Suffering Thief 3
    Valleys of The Rotten Thief 4
    The Downfall of Xylon Warlock 3
    The Doom Warlock 4
    The Forest of Ravens Warrior 3
    The Secret Hideout Warrior 4

    Contributed by: Ultima_Sonic 

  3. Alternate Heros

    For each class there are 2 extra hero skins that can be unlocked. In order to unlock these, you must get an "S" rank on the stage listed below:

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Stage 6 Extra Archer 1
    Stage 36 Extra Archer 2
    Stage 13 Extra Pirate 1
    Stage 29 Extra Pirate 2
    Stage 15 Extra Thief 1
    Stage 24 Extra Thief 2
    Stage 10 Extra Warlock 1
    Stage 32 Extra Warlock 2
    Stage 2 Extra Warrior 1
    Stage 40 Extra Warrior 2

    Contributed by: Kouga