Black Rock Shooter: The Game Cheats For PSP

  1. Defender Glitch

    Use Defender Skill and then hold X to keep blocking. And when your life bar gets to 0 and the Defender is still active, Keep on Blocking so that you can't die. Because when you life bar gets to 0 the Atk/Def/Regen Boosts will stay stuck as it is. But even though the Regenerate/+ is still active while blocking with 0 HP, you still won't recover HP This is pretty useful at XNFE's Extra Mission - Prelude: Suicide TV

    Contributed by: BluRockShooter 

  2. Unlock Costumes

    Clear various mission or challenges to unlock this costumes.

    Clear the Mission "..." Booster Unit
    Clear the Mission "..." Lost All
    Clear the mission Lost You, Miss You within 5 minutes Normal Suit
    Reach Max Level (Lvl 50) Poolside
    Obtaib 99,999 damage in the mission "Nana's Whimsical Test" Schoolgirl

    Contributed by: keyblade32