Surprisingly good and entertaining game, sucks you in till the very end!

User Rating: 9.5 | Black Mirror II: Reigning Evil PC
Not being a fan of Black Mirror I, I was greatly surprised with the magnificence of this second chapter. The story is really well built, there´s more than enough to keep you wondering, and the way its linked to the first one and the way it keeps all possibilities for the III chapter was cleverly done.
Also, not being a humorous game, you can easily find yourself frequently smiling or laughing at the witty comments of Darren (mostly). Voice acting is truly great (I played the german version) and when you have good voicing it really adds up to the game!
The whole game is very fluid and, to some extent, long, the puzzles are very well designed, logic but not obvious. There´s also some mini games along the way but they aren´t very difficult so don´t worry about getting stuck there. If you´re a weenie and play it in easy mode... errrr.... I mean, if you´re unsure of yourself and play it the easy mode ;-) you can skip the mini games.
The only aspect I wasn´t totally satisfied was with the sound score. In the beginning it´s a little to quiet and insufficient but it gets a lot better in the second half, and thus a better and more fitting atmosphere.
In conclusion, this is one of the best adventure games in the last years, a lot better than the first Black Mirror, really worth playing!