The first Black Mirror was amazing, this game is not.

User Rating: 2 | Black Mirror II: Reigning Evil PC
The first Black Mirror had a dark gritty atmosphere. You were the noble Samual Gordon, and he had to actually face challenges.

In Black Mirror 2 you are an uninspired nobody, clicking parts of the screen just to advance the story.

It's so sad when a great game gets a sequel like this, it doesn't bode well for BM3.

If you enjoyed the first game you will not enjoy the second, if you did not like the first game then you may like this one. They are not the same at all.

In BM2 there is no difficulty, it's like Siberia, your role as the computer user is to handle the mouse clicking because without that the next part of the story won't unfold. All you do is click, there is no thinking involved, it's quite insulting to the intelligence if you bought this game expecting some kind of challenge.

A great great SHAME. BM1 was sooo good :(