Not as remarkable as the original Black Mirror game, but a very well crafted adventure nonetheless.

User Rating: 8.5 | Black Mirror II: Reigning Evil PC
I was pleasantly surprised when i heard about this sequel, Black Mirror was one of my favourite point and click adventure games. The sequel wasn't as remarkable as the first game, yet it's still time well spent, it's very well made.

The game takes place about twelve years after the original, and it features some of the same characters and locales. It's interesting how they tied in the story together, the writing is very good and it has a lot of unexpected twists and turns. Maybe the story can get contrived at times though, they took the story of the original and expanded it with 3-4 side stories, it's one step away from being cheesy . The main character is Darren, an American this time, a 90s kid. He's not as good of a protagonist as Samuel, but at least he is not a annoying, and you really feel for him as misery strikes him. Surprising for this type of game there were many exiting moments, chases, horrific images, even a few instances that made me jump from my seat.

As i said it's very well made. The backdrops are fitting , the characters are done very well, the voice acting is also good. All of the technical aspects of this game are covered very well, which was a problem with the first game.

My only problem with this game is that it was too easy, i never really felt challenged. Not only that but the game offers a well made hint system, so you won't get stuck for too long.

It's one of the better games I've played this year and if you like the genre pick this one up. I'm also looking forward to Black Mirror 3, although the story is too contrived allready.