An excellent sequel for Black Mirror series.

User Rating: 9 | Black Mirror II: Reigning Evil PC
Perhaps it's not a perfect adventure game. However, considering it as a continuation work, it deserves quite a round of loud applause.

To my opinion, the storyline has reached to the original work's level already. While playing BM1, I guessed out the murderer around somewhere through Chapter 3. This time I was always uncertain until last chapter. Despite the awkward tour-like atmosphere of first two chapters, during the rest of my game time I did enjoy some thrill and mystery. After all, no need to be dark at all time to embellish the "black" feeling...

Generally speaking, the graphic demonstration of the game is quite up-to-date. I myself feel rather comfortable with it, but the animation is a little bit...forgivable.

Sadly, as the original work, the voice acting is just beyond average level of adventure game. Personally, I give the best credit to "Murray the Hotel Owner".

To gamer without Black Mirror 1 experience, for sure it is a chicken rib. But if you deem Black Mirror 1 a good game and want to dig deeper into the legend, Black Mirror 2 is unmissable and will eventually lead us to coming Black Mirror 3.