Totally Awesome Game...Perfect for building on the first Black Mirror. Storyline is amazing!

User Rating: 10 | Black Mirror II: Reigning Evil PC
After playing the first Black Mirror, I couldn't wait to get my hands on this one! I have a true love for good story-lines, to me the storyline makes the game...but add on good logical puzzles, user friendly controls for quick game play (no waiting on the character to walk all over the place or from one side to the other of a scene 100 times)...good characters....and every element that makes for a good game or movie...and you have The Black Mirror 2! The elements of this game include, love, horror, comedy, castles, ghosts, mystery, investigation, twists and turns you wouldn't expect, and just an overall wonderful gaming experience! The graphic quality is outstanding! Once I started playing it...I couldn't stop...literally...and being a person with a lot of responsibilities it takes a lot in a game to get me wrapped up like that! This is one of the best story lines I have played and put together in a wonderfully logical way....(I haven't played Siberia or The Longest Journey yet)....and I just hope they make a part 3! I will keep buying this game as long as they continue to make sequels! I don't regret one iota of time spent playing this game. I played it on Vista, and experienced no bugs or anything quirky....played as smooth as a baby's bottom....

I can usually think of cons to a game, but not in this case....the only thing I can complain about is it seemed that it didn't last long enough....then was so good I didn't want it to end....Truth be told it is plenty long for a game of this type....,and worth every penny!