Fairly interesting point and click game with a good storyline and a variety of puzzles

User Rating: 7 | Black Mirror II: Reigning Evil PC
I do like my adventure games, mainly because I can run them easily on my laptop without any graphical lag or problem. This game happened to look good at the time so I decided to pick it up and try it out having never played the previous Black Mirror.

The game starts off well, and straight away your thrown into the world of clicking on everything and anything in the hope of progressing through the game. You will without doubt need to examine almost everything because some items may be of interest to you later. Because of this, I found myself skipping through most of the dialogue as it started to bore me. The voiceovers, however, are great and you can tell that every effort has been taken to make the characters sound believable.

The storyline is good and the game provides a good amount of puzzles which are not too difficult. Each of the puzzles can be skipped if you do happen to struggle so anyone can play the game all the way to the end. Thankfully the game has depth so you are guaranteed a good number of hours out of it.

Unfortunately, the game becomes repetitive and interest in the storyline and characters start to slowly fade. Unlike for example, the Monkey Island series, there are not many jokes or laughs in Black Mirror II that will keep you amused. This game is not suppose to be a comedy. Im afraid though, I wouldn't even call it a horror because its not scary or frightening in the slightest.

If you do have some spare time, give this game a go. Its not bad, but its far from brilliant. Just don't expect to be thrilled whilst playing it.