Black Mirror II: Reigning Evil Cheats For PC

  1. Unlock all Extras

    Add the following line to your config.xml located in the Black Mirror 2 Save folder . <Bonus> <Video Name="ue_c23" New="0"/> <Video Name="ue_c34" New="0"/> <Video Name="ue_c45" New="0"/> <Image Idx="1" New="0"/> <Image Idx="2" New="0"/> <Image Idx="3" New="0"/> <Image Idx="4" New="0"/> <Image Idx="5" New="0"/> <Image Idx="6" New="0"/> <Image Idx="7" New="0"/> <Image Idx="8" New="0"/> <Image Idx="9" New="0"/> <Image Idx="10" New="0"/> <Image Idx="11" New="0"/> <Image Idx="12" New="0"/> <Image Idx="13" New="0"/> <Image Idx="14" New="0"/> <Image Idx="15" New="0"/> <Image Idx="16" New="0"/> <Image Idx="17" New="0"/> <Image Idx="18" New="0"/> <Image Idx="19" New="0"/> <Image Idx="20" New="0"/> <Image Idx="21" New="0"/> <Image Idx="22" New="0"/> <Image Idx="23" New="0"/> <Image Idx="24" New="0"/> <Image Idx="25" New="0"/> <Image Idx="26" New="0"/> <Image Idx="27" New="0"/> <Video Name="ue_c56" New="0"/> <Video Name="ue_c66" New="0"/> <Minigame Name="Piano" New="0"/> <Minigame Name="Letter" New="0"/> <Minigame Name="Phantom" New="0"/> <Minigame Name="Drehscheiben" New="0"/> <Minigame Name="BigHead" New="0"/> <Image Idx="0" New="0"/> </Bonus> </Config>

    Contributed by: NomisRO