Top 5 worst games i've ever played.

User Rating: 3.9 | Black & White PC
This is quite possibly the most disastrous games I’ve ever played in my entire life. Look at my collection; I’ve played a lot of games.

The Good

Great idea. The only reason this game has any playability is the idea of the game is amazing. it does drawn you in to wanting to play more just for progress on the story.

The Bad

There is lots, lets start with the interface, or lack thereof. Since there is not interface, you must rely on solely on some hot keys and your ability to write with a mouse. This part, i couldn't stand, the game never knew what i was trying to write. It would be a pivotal battle with a creature attacking my land and kept making the spell for the wrong thing. Very frustrating.

The second is the creature, the stupid bastard is un-trainable. It could easily take the entire game to teach him 1 spell and even then, he'd never use it. Training him was impossible. He never used his magic even if you did exactly what the trainer told you to do, he never listened, he was unreliable, and basically a waste of a potentially amazing feature.

Third is resources: I found myself unable to gather resources in the level because they would run out very quickly or people just simply couldn't gather them fast enough. Planting trees was useless because you couldn’t' plant enough to sustain a growing population. Food took too long to gather and couldn't expand to meet a growing populace also. The worshipers would never be able to get their own food and, of course, your creature can't use HIS powers cause he’s RETARDED.

Fourth is the overall micromanagement. It became impossible to govern more than 2 providences at any given time. If at any point you'd send your creature cross map to battle a foe or try to impress a village (usually in vain), you'd come back after the 3 minute battle to find all the people you have as worshipers dead from starvation. The people could also not build their own homes so you were constantly gathering resources for your town, making those stupid box frames, then putting them where you could fit in your tiny, tiny area to work with. Nothing in between.

Other: dude, seriously, I don’t' need to see every damn video. why did you make the throwing aspect glitchy. Why does the game crash all damn day.

The Bottom Line

This is one of only 4 games where i refused to justify the games existences by beating it. I came down to the very last level and said, "no, I refuse to beat you." It was the worst $50 I’ve ever spent. They corrected these problems in B&W 2; that game, ironically, tops my all time top 20 list as best games ever. This game is horrible, i hate it and the people who think its good. I don't understand what Gamespot could have POSSIBLY been thinking when they gave such an obviously tedious and poorly made game such a high rating.