It is beyond being a god, this game teaches strategy and how all your actions have consequences.

User Rating: 8 | Black & White MAC
It takes things way beyond the old game Populous by moving into an entirely 3D world. Like Populous you play as a god who's trying to convert as many followers as possible. There are eight different tribes in Black & White: Aztec, Celtic, Egyptian, Greek, Indian, Japanese, Norse, and Tibetan. Each of them specialize in something different. The from the Aztec you will gain an offensive warlike miracle, while from the Celts you gain natural and healing powers for example. While you don't have total control over your villagers, you can suggest roles to them such as forester, farmers, builder, breeders, and pure worshippers. The more villagers who believe in you , the more miracle- casting power you have, but of course the less people you have gathering resources, constructing buildings and producing more believers. While you can do a lot for your villagers that is something they have to do for themselves.
The first level has only two tribes and nothing to do but choose a creature to train. And you'll have to be careful because some of them are so stupid as to be practically untrainable. The horse and Mandrill are the smartest of the bunch, The lion is the best fighter but that won't matter because he is also mean and it is hard to train him not to eat your villagers. The rhino is so dumb as to be practically worthless, the ape isn't too bad , he is fairly smart.
The advantage of the horse or mandrill is that they are attractive when playing good and are smart enough to learn to be let alone and take care of business on the second island when you have to take care of things for several villages. Also they are fast enough to run from village to village to help out.
The main problem with this game is that while you will get immersed in is for a while it is the same old thing over and over again with out change for 5 levels, that means five islands just a little difference in the shape of the islands and location of the villages. It took a little time but I found that just like everyone predicted I eventually got tired of the game and had to take a very long break.