The best A.I. for it's time with some myth godliness to be had!

User Rating: 9.2 | Black & White PC
:Good Idea:
·The A.I. is actually intelligent. It learns much like a virtual pet. If you don't want your beast eating villagers, just slap him when he does it. If you want it to eat them, give him a nice rub (but not too close near his wang).
·Awesome looking water and landscapes. A good amount of detail in the graphic/sound department.
·Grabbing that hippy in the shack near the singing rocks and making him fall down the tallest mountain. Then you can make his skeleton body dance in the city square.

:Bad Idea:
·The multiplayer isn't really what it could have been. Not enough strategy involved in winning.
·Some graphical glitches and heavy system requirments.
·Letting those singing guys at the boat sail away without either killing them or sinking their boat.

·You can kill hippies. I don't know many games that allow you to kill hippies besides Postal. Seriously, B&W is a game not to be haggled with. It's a fun, addicting game. Just like a tycoon game, you can do whatever you want but you'll more than likely end up fighting for your land.