Great graphics but thats about all thats good with it. Not what its hyped up to be

User Rating: 3.7 | Black & White 2 PC
I found this game very disappointing, I was expecting pretty much the same thing as the old game (which i liked) but it seems like they took all the good parts away.

The graphics are the best part of the game, the graphics look very nice and colourful, you can zoom out to see the whole island or zoom in really close and see the strands of wheat in the fields.

The gameplay is a HUGE let down, there is no multiplayer, no customising maps and very little replay value. When you do finish the game, it just takes you to the starting level, and yes... the tutorials still remain, why? becos they didnt think any1 would finish this shoddy game.

There isnt the same freedom there was in the first game and half the game is a tutorial. Most of the gameplay is just city building which gets very boring as you find out a successful layout and just keep making the same city on the different lands. You no longer capture villages by impressing them with miracles but by either creating an impressive city so they migrate to you or by creating an army to capture their towns. It just comes down to how you create your city, if you create nice big houses with a few temples people will migrate to your city, if you make little ugly houses you can have a large population to make an army. This just takes all the good and evil out of the game, apparently creating an army and making people live in shabby houses (that you created for them) is evil. Uprooting trees is also evil....

The armies sound like fun but the battles look terrible, it looks like a load of headless chickens running about randomly and theres not any point using them because a creature can destroy them with ease.

The creature was one of my favourite parts of the old game, i liked seeing how mine gradually became the perfect pet. The training has been made much easier... too easy, you just slap or stroke your creature to set how often you want your creature to do something, it then remembers it forever. It makes it seem like a robot rather than a pet. It's nice when you see your pet demolishing a platoon of soldiers for the first time but it can get stuck often, maybe under a rock or just stand there while getting hit by soldiers.

There isnt any sense of power, which is surprising considering you are supposed to be a GOD!!! You are forced to listen to an annoying balding man and a fat man with horns. You can't even kill your own villagers with miracles (they are apparently immune to fire) a lot of miracles aren't useful as you can only use them very close to your city. You can only attack other villages with armies.

I was hoping this would be a truly great game, and it was hyped up to be one, but sadly that wasnt the case... they lied.

The only way to even have some fun in this mind numbing and stressfully irritating game is to link towers together to get a large influence and just nuke the enemy with fireballs, and no it isnt epic, its just press the hotkey for last spell used and click on them... WOOHOO! This is also the only other way to win apart from the City Builder 200 method.

Anyway i think i've done enough complaining, have a nice day