Big ideas but also a big waste of time.

User Rating: 1 | Black & White 2 PC
The sequel is like the origional gone wrong. Not enough direction, not enough silver scrolls and not enough fun makes being God a dull premise.

Do you want to spend 5 hours on one level, laboriously building towns before running out of ore to build anything with?

Do you want to raise a creature and get bored with it after an hour?

Do you want tedious silver scroll quests that can be completed within 5 minutes of starting a level?

How about mouse gestures that work 5, maybe even 10% of the time?

Then why not give this lame excuse for a god game a try? It works with Windows 7!

B&W2 feels like a step backwards from its predecessor, everything you loved about the first game is gone and everything that pissed you off is accentuated.

If you see this in the bargin bin just leave it there.