If you like challengeing, than this game is for you.

User Rating: 9 | Bit.Trip Runner WII
Gameplay 10/10
It is great. The controls are good. But The obstacles when you run into will be hard. In world 1 it will be quite easy. World 2 it will be a little hard. World 3 would be the hardest of all. If you touch any of the obstacles then you got to back at the beginning. This requires reflexes,remember what is in there, and patience. You also collect the gold mines. That reaches more high score points. When you collect all of them you will be in a bonus retro stage.

Impressive graphics. With colorful rainbow by commander (main character) running. Background is perfect that you wanted to look at.

Sound 9.9/10 Awesome sound. Music of it is great. But minor problem is sometimes you will get headaches of the sounds.

This game is spectacular to keep on playing to beat the hardest levels. It is worth of a buy with your wii points. And getting bit trip complete.