Bit.Trip Runner is a great 2D platformer but its punishing difficulty will make it difficult for most people to enjoy...

User Rating: 8 | Bit.Trip Runner PC
Visuals – The game is quite attractive and stylish however it is incredibly fast paced. If you're playing it on even a regular sized computer monitor you won't be able to focus your eyes on everything at once. The colors and flashes are vibrant and nice to look at, but you'll be more concerned with making it over jumps and progressing through the level. Let's just say that due to the speed of the game and the amount of colors, it's not something you'd be able to stare at all day. Or least you could, but your brain might melt.

Gameplay – You control a character named Commander Video, running through a 2D world, kicking through crystals, jumping over obstacles, and sliding under various things. As stated previously the game moves very quickly, timing is key! If you jump half a second too early or too late you'll be shot back to the beginning of the level. Every time you fail to avoid something, you have to start the level all over again. This is where the punishing difficulty comes into play. Although, it takes quite a few failures before a level can get too boring. This is mainly because the music, visuals, and challenge can keep you hooked for a good amount of time. The game can be addicting.

Sound Design – The sound in this game is good. After a while though, having to listen to the same sounds over and over is a bit bland, especially if you're replaying levels continuously. In this sense the game gets repetitive but this is such a minor detail it hardly does anything to affect the game negatively.

Controls – For Bit.Trip Runner on PC you have the option of either using the keyboard or an Xbox 360 controller. Having played it with both I will say that I prefer the controller. However, the controller isn't always very responsive which can be frustrating! Button presses do not register as well as keyboard presses. The keyboard provides flawless controls. If you mess up using the keyboard it's your fault.

Overall, Bit.Trip Runner is definitely worth checking out. If you have some time on your hands and are looking for a challenging platformer, Bit.Trip Runner might be good for you!

Pros -
+ Great Visuals
+ Sharp Controls
+ Challenging Gameplay
+ Low Learning Curve, easy to pick up

Cons -
- Repetitive Soundtrack
- No Checkpoints

Score: 8 / 10