BIT.TRIP RUNNER is an addictive rhythm game that will test your reflexes to the max.

User Rating: 8.5 | Bit.Trip Runner PC
The Good: Addictive 2D platforming at its finest, charming visuals and audio, responsive controls, great level design

The Bad: Can be very frustrating in later levels, only one audio track, casual gamers may quite early on

Rhythm games may not be all the rage anymore the unique ones really stick out. You can't pick your own songs, there's no fancy instruments, it's just you and the controller/keyboard jumping to make a good techno beat. The idea of the game is to get through each of the three worlds through 12 levels each while jumping, kicking, and sliding your way through the level. If you get hit just once you reset back to the very beginning. While on the early levels this is fine the later ones take up to 4 minutes or more to complete so getting reset is so frustrating.

Obstacles range from blocks you have to jump over, low hanging objects to slide under, stairs that require quick taps, and even some stop to fool you like a bouncing cube which one you slide under and one you jump over. There are spring pads and other obstacles to block your path, but precise timing will be required to get all the gold blocks to get to the bonus stages which are 8 bit variations of the 16 bit/3D levels. It's very unique, charming, and extremely addictive and fun. I am currently stuck on 1-11 and have been for weeks, but I keep going at it because I just want to play every level.

The music is pretty good and full of life despite it being the same track through each level. During parts of the level you will pick up a giant plus sign that will add tracks to the beat and it also adds to the visuals. BIT.TRIP is really a game for casual players and hardcore platformers who miss the days of the 16/8 bit era. The game has brilliant level design that adds a lot of challenge while still being manageable. I haven't really played a 2D platformer this addictive in years.

The visuals are stunning with wonderful 16 bit to 3D translation and the game has a wide color palette that sticks to the 16 bit and 8 bit era. Everything is made of blocks, but is built in 3D and can really be a mind trip some times especially when you first start playing. Don't let the hard levels keep you from playing because being able to play the later levels is rewarding and challenging. I highly recommend this game to any 2D platformer or even for someone just looking for a fun arcade game.